VL Tuisku @ Ilmailumuseo

Here is an classic Finnish biplane. It is an  Finnish trainer aircraft designed and built in 1930’s.  Approx 31 was built and this example is nicely preserved in Ilmailumuseo at Vantaa.  For more planes at Ilmailumuseo check corresponding tags on right pane (–>). Walk-around pics of original, for model aeroplane plan see below.

For extremely rare vintage plan of this plane see here (51mb file). Preview below.


I went through old pics in my archives and stumbled on pics of separate Tuisku wing which was hanging on Ilmailumuseo wall. It is partially covered so you can see internals of wing.

Pics of full size VL Myrsky II -project

Visited Finnish Airforce Museum (Suomen Ilmavoimamuseo / Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo @Tikkakoski near Jyväskylä…) to see interim display of Aviation Museum Association (my own translation, I do not know the official translation) restoration / replication / rebuild-project of VL Myrsky II. Rebuild-project has been continuing for some time now and current state was up for display for summer break. For finnish language announcement of event see here.

Breathtaking project with craftsmanship out of this world.

I really know that this is so pic heavy post that it pushes everything else from first page, but… it is worth of it. See below. And visit museum!

Finnish Aviation Museum

I visited Finnish Aviation museum to take photos of their collection of VL planes, ie. planes which have been manufactured by Finnish state aviation factory. I really like this museum and I strongly advise everyone to go there and check their collections. Well worth visit. And nowadays it is really easy to get there due new railway line. It is approx 2 mins from Helsinki-Vantaa airport via taxi or railway. approx 30mins from Helsinki.

I will be posting walkarounds of planes with tag Finnish Aviation Museum. See right pane.

Päijät-Häme Aviation museum

Visited Päijät-Häme Aviation Museum to get some pics of some IVL planes (IVL K.1 Kurki, IVL Kotka and IVL Haukka). They are are planes which are manufactured by Finnish state aircraft works (nowadays Patria aviation). This museum has really interesting atmosphere and charm. Most of planes are in decent shape, but some older examples (like ones I wanted to photograph) were in rather sad state. But they are preserved and that’s most important.

I will be posting several sets of pictures in coming days so stay tuned. Now is good time to subscribe to updates of this blog, see to right (subscribe-form). Also, pls. visit museum, it is really nice place and you support aviation history preservation.

Pics will appear with tag ‘Päijät-Häme Aviation museum‘ (see right tag pane). Meanwhile some pics. One plane which is really extremely rare is Blackburn Ripon II F which, I believe is the only original example in existence. It is rather maginificent plane and the pics do not make justice to it. The size of plane is something to be seen.


Awesome model : Junkers Ju-88 @ Jämi Scale Open 25.7.2015

Second awesome model which I saw at Jämi Scale Open is extremely nice model by Ilkka Klemetti. It is an scale model of Junkers Ju 88 A-4 JK-267 which has detail to make you sigh.

Note that there is an buildlog of this plane, see here.



Awesome model : Gloster Gamecock @ Jämi Scale Open 24.7.2015

Once in a while you get to see something which makes your jaw drop. This time it is model of Gloster Gamecock GA-45 by Finnish Scale Legend mr. Jukka Pikkusaari. I think that there is no need for any words. Just check out pics.

ps : It must be stressed that Jukka claims that this model has not yet been completed. Yeah, sure.




VL Pyörremyrsky photo gallery

This is really an gem. VL Pyörremyrsky is rather unique plane from late WWII when everything was in short supply here in Finland. So to keep our Air Forces up and running it was decided to design an cost effective fighter  to similar flight characteristics as Messerschmitt Bf 109G. Using wood materials. Using Bf 109G motor & propeller.

War ended and only one example of this plane was built. Second prototype was also proposed but that was cancelled before production. Only existing plane has been preserved at Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo (Aviation Museum of Central Finland) in excellent condition. VL comes from Valtion lentokonetehdas (= State Aircraft Factory) and Pyörremyrsky is Hurricane.

These pictures were taken by anonymous, great many thanks to allowing us to publish them here.

I am currently designing an 1:6 model of this plane.

More info : Wiki-pages.


New design project : VL Pyörremyrsky

Just an brief note, I have started new design project, VL Pyörremyrsky to size 1:6. You can check out photo gallery of that plane here.

Redigo contd.

Next step is to add fuselage formers. There are couple ways to do it, I tend to do free-form-spline-way as it allows most control to form. You could also utilize built-in-former definitions but they are useful only if you are doing non-scale plane.

I also tend to use scale positions of formers. Occasionally it results too ‘dense’ structure, but normally original design team has had something in their mind while drawing formers to places specified in factory drawings. So to save thinking I just copy that process.

Using original formers is quite easy if you use most complex way :). This is really curious, as anything easier is actually more complex. Go figure it out. You just import piece of original drawing and draw devfus former around it using control points. All sheeting etc. stuff will come in later stages.

From experience I have found out that there is no point in trying to get too close in this first iteration. Because next I must revert earlier stage and iteratively fine-tune top- & side-drawings. Now I can start peeking 3d-approximation of of design. And then go back and forth. I did tail section formers, next step will be front fuse formers.

Former drawn using control points.

Former drawn using control points.

first iteration of tail section in 3d-modelling

first iteration of tail section in 3d-modelling


Oops.. I just forgot to add one thing. This will be drawn to 1:6.67 size, due the nice feature of this design. It shares canopy with L-70 Vinka. As an lazy person I really do not want to make second canopy mold for this plane. So to save time and effort it will be same size as my previous project.

Canopy mould of L-70 Vinka kit. Not finalized, but getting there.

Canopy mould of L-70 Vinka kit. Not finalized, but getting there.