Nakki II plans released for free download

In these strange days one needs something to do. So download from link below an rather old, design for free building.

Link to plans.

If you manage to get something flying pls. send me pic :).
Video of my version:

Heinonen HK-1 Keltiäinen Peanut Scale

Heinone HK-1 Keltiäinen is one of those planes which touch heart of almost all middle aged aviation enthusiast in Finland. This was an single-seater, hobby-built plane. It was designed by Mr. Juhani Heinonen and built by himself. Despite some sources saying that only one was built, there is actually two other examples built. But the builders of those planes made a number of modifications to plane and used type name HK-1B.

Original plane is quite cute and it looks like it popped out of some 50’s comic. It has extremely easy design which is easily transformed into model aeroplane. This example has been drawn into Peanut scale.

As an kit this is actually old. I originally draw this year ago, but the model got swamped by other activities. Now it is ready for publication and available at good model shops.

VL Viima II peanut short kit

New kit has been released ot VL Viima II. This is an 1935’s biplane, used for Finnish airforce training. Structure’s are simple, but the small scale and number of parts makes it rather complicated to build. Design is based on original factory plans so this is rather good Peanut scale adaptation of original. For further info of original plane see this
(photo by Ilmailuliitto / Suomen Ilmailumuseo, used with permission)

This is short kit, meaning it includes laser cut balsa wood parts. No hardware or strip wood included. Model can be purchased from excellent

New design, PIK-26 Mini-Sytky in Peanut scale

An new Peanut-scale kit was published some time ago. You can purchase it from–pik-26-mini-sytky-peanut-scale

It is rather exact scale short kit. I scaled it from my larger plans and made minor adjustements to facilitate smaller size. Kit contains laser-cut balsa parts. No hardware or balsa strips etc. included.

Rolled vs. folded plans

This is kinda sad thing. As the cost of mailing has increased I have had to make changes to product packaging. When I started this business 8 years ago I decided that I will not never ship folded plans. Mostly due the fact that folded plans are not good for building. I kept that idea for ages but then mailing costs kept creeping up. And couple years ago they crept up really. Also, Finnish postal services stopped delivering maxi-letters inside Finland. They had to keep delivering them outside Finland, so that did not really matter too much.

But then the prices jumped a bit. Last time I shipped rolled plans the cost of mailing was more that customer paid for plans. That was approx 25€. Which is bad. Really bad. Same plan shipped in envelope (folded…) cost approx 6€.

So some time ago I started changing all delivery statements in my pages ( to not include promise of rolled plans. Currently all plans ship folded.

I know this is not optimal for some builders. So if you need rolled plans pls. contact me and I can arrange shipping rolled, with some extra cost. Also, when you order short kits plans are rolled.

New design project : VL Pyörremyrsky

Just an brief note, I have started new design project, VL Pyörremyrsky to size 1:6. You can check out photo gallery of that plane here.

Current stock status

We have couple models in stock if someone wants ultra-fast delivery. Normal delivery time is 3-4 weeks to shipment and for in-stock items it is … fast.

Models marked with (*) are in proto-phase. They are built but for several reasons not yet flown.

PIK-18 Sytky Peanut released to free download


just an quick note, I released Peanut version of PIK-18 Sytky into free download. Steer your browser to







Flight video here, this plane has been built by Mr. Tapio Linkosalo :

These puppies are going to fly to world tomorrow!

Couple pics of new version of Hinu 1.5m cowling mould

This is actually old news, but I just wanted to share you pics of advanced mould for 1.5m Hinu (kit nr. 117) cowling. Original mould was too high and it caused all kinds of problems while vacuforming parts. Mainly webbing at the bottom of mould. Success ratio was approx 1 good for 20 tries. So I had to make an better mould.

Second try split mould into 3 parts. Front, top and bottom. All these must be vacuformed separately. There is nothing new in the actual mould making process, it’s just a bit more complicated. I assembled all wooden parts into one block which was sanded to shape and then dismantled. Then over-runs were added and mould was ready. I was making some vac parts couple weeks ago, these pics are from that run. Now success ratio is approx 1 fails for 10 goods. Nice, really nice!