PIK-5 OH-151 @ Karhula Aviation Museum

Pics taken at Karhula Aviation Museum (2.7.2011).

Unknown PIK-5 @ Oripää airfield

Some time ago (6.7.2011 to be precise) I was driving around southwest Finland and came to Oripää airfield. I asked local patrons that ‘do you have old PIK-planes lying around?’. At first nobody was able to answer, but then one guy said that there is one wreck at end of one hangar. So I went there and check’d it. This is extremely interesting as I found PIK-5 which has no markings. And after this I have done some queries from local aviation clubs, nobody seems to know what this plane is.

If you have any information of this plane’s history and where it went from there pls. let me know.

PIK-5 OH-188 at Oripää

Here are pictures of PIK-5 OH-188 which has been nicely restored and in excellent flying condition. These were taken 21.5.2013 at Oripää vintage gliding show.


Turku Aviation club / Loimaa aviation club pictures 1957

Here are couple old pictures of Turun Lentokerho / Loimaa aviation club. These come via Esa Passila. Many kind thanks.  Rather interesting pics as I have not seen totally red PIK-7 Harakka anywhere…

Does somebody have more pics of PIK-5 / PIK-7 in their fleet? I know that they had also white PIK-5, but no information regarding the markings of that.


Pic’s of Mikkeli aviation society history (MIY)

Here are couple fantastic pictures from Mikkelin Ilmailuyhdistys (MIY). Translated loosely to Mikkeli Aviation Society. These pics have originated from album of Pentti Pohjanvirta via Sakari Silvennoinen.

I think that these are truly wonderful for many reasons. One of being that they have not been published before this, at least to my knowledge. There is similar (but different) set of pictures of same time period at Mikkeli Airport history pages, but I cannot find link of that as the pages are currently offline. Also, there is not so many building pictures of classic sailplanes in internet, so these are rarities.

Pictures show building of PIK-5b (OH-PAV) and couple flying pictures of PIK-7 Harakka II (H-47 / n.5).  You can find new pictures of same planes at iwaru.fi/galleries.html

If you have further information of person / planes in pictures pls. contact us, tuootal (at) iwaru.fi, I will update captions accordingly.

Also, if you have more historical pictures of PIK-range of planes pls. send them to us, we will publish them.