IGG Aerotow Naarajärvi 1.-3.7.2016

This was rather nice despite a bit small crowd. Weather was co-operating and we saw plentiful mosquitoes. Nice. Some pics below.

Rather nice jet

Visited Naarajärvi Aerotow. Saw rather nice jet.


IGG Naarajärvi @ 5.7.2015

And to second day of Naarajärvi Aerotow. Previous day is here.

Again great event, but weather turned to be rather chilly. Even by Finnish summer standards.

IGG Naarajärvi @ 4.7.2015

Summer is here. Again. At least it was warm. Naarajärvi field was in excellent order, despite some excessive wind everything went smoothly. Company was great, as always. It felt like both nearby cities, Pieksämäki and Naarajärvi came to event. Huge crowd.

Some pics below. Second day is here.


IGG Finland Naarajärvi Aerotow event 13.-15.6.2014

Pics will tell everything..


PIK-15 Hinu flying again

After long, long winter some flying of PIK-15 Hinu.. I did several flights, but these were done by Hannu V. as I had to take photos.