PIK-12 OH-179 Has found an new home

This is just an happy ending to story which started around 2011. I was trying to locate so called ‘Tampere Gabriel’. That is, an PIK-12 Gabriel which was supposed to be around city of Tampere. After searching for an while I contacted good folks of Tampere Aviation History Association (PIHIS Ry in Finnish…). The association’s secretary Samuli Puotila advised that the plane is in deep (and I mean really deep) storage and he will inform me when it is being moved. Year or so passed and then I got email that temporary storage area was located and rescue party will get to deep storage site. That is almost collapsed barn.

I got there and during extremely enjoyable day we rescued that plane under all kinds of garbage. Pics of that day can be found here.

After year or so I got second email. There was promise of more permanent display and the plane needed some scrubbing. So again, I drove approx 200km and enjoyed every moment of hot day scrubbing that lovely old plane to more acceptable state. That day has pics also, they can be found here.

Then time passed again and finally plane found it’s permanent display. In middle of Kuusela senior citizen housing at heart of Tampere. I had no opportunity to assist assembly etc. but couple days ago I finally got time to get pics of her.

And it looks great. It is flying again!

Took some pics. Due somewhat confined space I used fisheye lens (8mm Zuiko F3.5) and as always I got carried away.

I must thank City of Tampere and Pihis Ry for dedication and commitment to restoring and getting this lovely plane up in air again. And allowing me to take part of this endeavor.

PIK-12 Gabriel OH-179 rescue-from-barn

Here is an picture gallery of rescue-from-barn operation which was done in early 2013 by Pirkanmaan Ilmailuhistoriallinen Seura and I.  I guess suitable translation could be Pirkanmaan aviation historical society?

Plane was stored in flyworthy condition in barn and forgotten there for quite a long time. Due several reasons is needed moving and better storage.

For finnish language story of this operation see here. After one year there was next event, we cleaned plane.


PIK-12 Gabriel OH-179 Cleaning operation

This is walkaround of last summer’s cleaning operation of PIK-12 ‘Gabriel’. It was being prepared for putting to display at Tampere area. Extremely hot and enjoyable evening.

There is another walkaround of ‘barn-rescue-operation‘ of this plane.