Valmet L-70 Vinka OH-VAA photo gallery

These were taken at Oripää airshow summer 2013.

Continued Vinka build

I Started build of Vinka L-70 back in summer 2013. For several bad reasons it got stalled for some time. This has been waiting far too long so let’s get something done. Build log can be located here. It is in RCGroups which is rather good place for this type of plane. I will occasionally update this blog, but actual stuff will be at rcg.

There has been couple other postings of Vinka in this blog. You can find them with tag ‘Vinka’ on right column OR… just press here.

Nakki II maiden flight & video

Here ya all!

It is my great pleasure to announce maiden of this small & quick project. It was rather nonevent event as it just flew. Nothing special. Video shows everything needed to show.

Some springtime flying @Torbacka

Went to Torback with intention of maidening Nakki II, but weather was not permitting. Too much wind for such light plane. At least for maiden. There was some guy’s flying rather nice planes there, so I took some pics. Spring is really coming, it was sooo nice to get to field again after long winter. Grass and everything, life smiles 🙂

Nakki II plans updated

I finalized production plans of Nakki II. Changes to beta-version were extremely minor. I did widen parts A, B, C by 5mm and adjusted some of aligning holes to better suite cocktail-sticks I am using. Finalized product page can be found at here. Only thing remaining is to wait for suitable weather for maiden flight.

Final weight, with servos, receiver, 3S360-battery, motor and all installation stuff was 208g which results to wing loading of 11,6g/dm².

Finalized Nakki II plans

Finalized Nakki II plans

Next episode of quick Nakki II-project

Done. Total weight with 3S360 is 208g.