Walkarounds of planes in this site

Here is an collection of reference pictures of full size planes. They are here to show some details and structural elements of planes. Not to impress you by artistical of technical quality. Due technical limitations this index page is not updated real-time. If you want to see all walkarounds just select category Walkarounds from right, or press this link. pls. note that posts in category Walkarounds do not appear in main page feed. They appear in posts-panel on right. This is just to keep walkarounds from taking too much space from feed as they are mainly just photos.

Unless othervise noted copyright owner of picture Iwaru Oy, picture content owner is corresponding plane/museum/product owner. All commercial use requires permission from owners of picture content.

If you happen to have pictures which contain historical Finnish aeroplanes/gliders pls. send them to us. We will publish them here and everyone on this planet will be able to enjoy them.

PIK-series pictures

PIK-5c Cumulus

PIK-12 Gabriel, check also my plan

PIK-15 Hinu, check also my plan, 1,5m and 3m (free) versions

PIK-16c Vasama, check also my plan

PIK-21 Super Sytky

PIK-23 Towmaster

PIK-25 Varttimarkka (translated directly quarter mark)

Aviation clubs – misc pics

VL / Valtion lentokonetehdas / Valmet Military planes

Valmet L-70 Vinka, check also my plan

Other VL / IVL Planes

Other Finnish-designed-planes

You can find plenty more galleries at our main site and brief explanation of why I am transferring galleries here.

(btw – note – some of links do not function as they are scheduled to be published, ie. waiting for some time. check again in some time or contact me)

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