Glider open @ Torbacka 18.-19.4.2015

Another fine day flying at Torbacka. This time it was ‘Glider open weekend’ but propably due weather there were not so many gliders present. Weather was cloudy, little wind, +4c. No rain!! Great.

As normal company was great and there was even birthday party. Congratulations to Samu & great event and I have to admit that hot cafe was life-saver!

Yet more springtime flying @ Torbacka 11.4.2015

Nice weather, dry enough grass, sun is shining, planes flying great..

VL Pyörremyrsky photo gallery

This is really an gem. VL Pyörremyrsky is rather unique plane from late WWII when everything was in short supply here in Finland. So to keep our Air Forces up and running it was decided to design an cost effective fighter  to similar flight characteristics as Messerschmitt Bf 109G. Using wood materials. Using Bf 109G motor & propeller.

War ended and only one example of this plane was built. Second prototype was also proposed but that was cancelled before production. Only existing plane has been preserved at Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo (Aviation Museum of Central Finland) in excellent condition. VL comes from Valtion lentokonetehdas (= State Aircraft Factory) and Pyörremyrsky is Hurricane.

These pictures were taken by anonymous, great many thanks to allowing us to publish them here.

I am currently designing an 1:6 model of this plane.

More info : Wiki-pages.


New design project : VL Pyörremyrsky

Just an brief note, I have started new design project, VL Pyörremyrsky to size 1:6. You can check out photo gallery of that plane here.

More spring flying @ Kiikala 6.4.2015

Visited Kiikala airport briefly to meet old friends and review airport status. Rather good. I guess the season should start.. Peekoo’s spanking brand new decathlon was sight for sore eyes. And some extremely rare F3b-towing was present also.