Third day of this Quick project (Nakki II)

Pics tell everything..

Second day of short project… Nakki II

And second day of this (hopefully) short project.

Short project, build day #1

Just wanted to build something quick as I have not been able to build anything more impressive for a while. Dish of day is Nakki II. Which is translated easily to Sausage II. This has been briefly mentioned in this blog some time ago. See here.

This design uses ‘perussiipi’ which is basic wing manufactured by local vendor from styrofoam. I do dislike styrofoam, but in this case it is ok, as this is sort of ‘classic finnish modelling stuff’.

I will compile extremely short build log into this blog.

10.000 reads

This humble blog reached 10.000 reads. Jippii!

New 10k cake!!!

New 10k cake!!!


To celebrate that event I decorated yet another 10k cake… I have couple other blogs and each of those gets personalized cake ūüôā

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PIK-16c OH-284

Pics of one of nicest PIK-16c Vasama’s currently in working condition. OH-284, pics taken at Orip√§√§ Vintage Gliding event 21.5.2013.

PIK-15 OH-YHS ‘SuperHinu’

Here are pics of PIK-15 OH-YHS aka. ‘SuperHinu’. I do not know where this ‘Super’ addition to normal ‘Hinu’ is originating. But still nice looking plane. Pics taken at Orip√§√§ vintage gliding event 21.5.2013.

PIK-5 OH-188 at Oripää

Here are pictures of PIK-5 OH-188 which has been nicely restored and in excellent flying condition. These were taken 21.5.2013 at Oripää vintage gliding show.


PIK-16c Vasama OY-BXU from Vejle Glider Club

Here are some extremely rare pictures. These come from Denmark, from Ebbe Jakobsen via Joern Rasmussen. They show rescue operation of OY-BXU. Some words of the state of plane by Joern;

Vejle Glider Club bought it in 1966 or 67 but sold it on in 1977. She needs a major overhaul/restoration but the seems to have the money now. Ebbe Jakobsen had many pleasant hours flying her the last 5 year the club had it.
Hope that Vejle Glider Club and Ebbe & Joern will get this beautiful plane up to air once again.

Turku Aviation club / Loimaa aviation club pictures 1957

Here are couple old pictures of Turun Lentokerho / Loimaa aviation club. These come via Esa Passila. Many kind thanks. ¬†Rather interesting pics as I have not seen totally red PIK-7 Harakka anywhere…

Does somebody have more pics of PIK-5 / PIK-7 in their fleet? I know that they had also white PIK-5, but no information regarding the markings of that.


PIK-12 Gabriel OH-179 rescue-from-barn

Here is an picture gallery of rescue-from-barn operation which was done in early 2013 by Pirkanmaan Ilmailuhistoriallinen Seura and I.  I guess suitable translation could be Pirkanmaan aviation historical society?

Plane was stored in flyworthy condition in barn and forgotten there for quite a long time. Due several reasons is needed moving and better storage.

For finnish language story of this operation see here. After one year there was next event, we cleaned plane.