Visit to freeflight contest @ Räyskälä, 22.7.2017

Some pics below. Nice weather and really nice models. I seldom get to freeflight contests but this was worth the drive. Aeromodelling at it’s best.

ps : My wife spent some time paddling around beautiful lake Särkijärvi at the end of Räyskälä airport runway. You can check nice pics of that in her blog site, here.

Pics of full size VL Myrsky II -project

Visited Finnish Airforce Museum (Suomen Ilmavoimamuseo / Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo @Tikkakoski near Jyväskylä…) to see interim display of Aviation Museum Association (my own translation, I do not know the official translation) restoration / replication / rebuild-project of VL Myrsky II. Rebuild-project has been continuing for some time now and current state was up for display for summer break. For finnish language announcement of event see here.

Breathtaking project with craftsmanship out of this world.

I really know that this is so pic heavy post that it pushes everything else from first page, but… it is worth of it. See below. And visit museum!

Visited F3A competition @ Paattinen model aeroplane field 15.-16.7.2017

Nice weather. Some pics.