More spring flying @ Kiikala 6.4.2015

Visited Kiikala airport briefly to meet old friends and review airport status. Rather good. I guess the season should start.. Peekoo’s spanking brand new decathlon was sight for sore eyes. And some extremely rare F3b-towing was present also.

Beautiful day at Kiikala 17.8.2014

Great day of flying planes at Kiikala Airport. Some pics below, these are Wexfly’s models. Flying great. I flew couple of models with some pics possibly landing here later.

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More pics of PeeKoo’s PIK-18 Sytky!

That is really nice build!

some flying @ kiikala airport

Really nice flying session, peekoo with his PIK-18 Sytky, more pics to follow.

PIK-18 Sytky (almost) maiden flight

I visited Kiikala Airport with PeeKoo and Wexfly to test out PeeKoo’s PIK-18 Sytky. Weather did not co-operate and blustery winds & snowstorm stopped maiden attempt. But still it looks great.