Great Vasama pics from Denmark!

Got these from Danish builder Joern. They show newly restored OY-BXU and Joern’s model of it. I have to say that they both look great!

Awesome model : PIK-7 Harakka II @ Jämi Scale Open 25.7.2015

Third awesome model at Jämi Scale Open was actually not participating to event at all. It is an scale model of PIK-7 Harakka II which is still under works, but so far it looks stunning. Model is loosely based on our design, but it has been modified to be much more scale. It has been built by expert builder Janne Koivumäki. We made an agreement that I will be taking pics of maiden event so stay tuned for more pics in future.

More pics of PeeKoo’s PIK-18 Sytky!

That is really nice build!

Breaking news from South Africa

There is an extremely interesting build log progressing in SA forum AvCom. It is an 2.7m PIK-15 which is based on our 3m design. Which has been scaled and modified by Sean Kriegler, an South African expert builder. It will be extremely interesting to see how it turns out. Check this out…

Gluhareff S-22

Just an brief note, I have started build of S-22. For build log see here :