PIK-16c Vasama OY-BXU from Vejle Glider Club

Here are some extremely rare pictures. These come from Denmark, from Ebbe Jakobsen via Joern Rasmussen. They show rescue operation of OY-BXU. Some words of the state of plane by Joern;

Vejle Glider Club bought it in 1966 or 67 but sold it on in 1977. She needs a major overhaul/restoration but the seems to have the money now. Ebbe Jakobsen had many pleasant hours flying her the last 5 year the club had it.
Hope that Vejle Glider Club and Ebbe & Joern will get this beautiful plane up to air once again.

Turku Aviation club / Loimaa aviation club pictures 1957

Here are couple old pictures of Turun Lentokerho / Loimaa aviation club. These come via Esa Passila. Many kind thanks.  Rather interesting pics as I have not seen totally red PIK-7 Harakka anywhere…

Does somebody have more pics of PIK-5 / PIK-7 in their fleet? I know that they had also white PIK-5, but no information regarding the markings of that.


Pic’s of Mikkeli aviation society history (MIY)

Here are couple fantastic pictures from Mikkelin Ilmailuyhdistys (MIY). Translated loosely to Mikkeli Aviation Society. These pics have originated from album of Pentti Pohjanvirta via Sakari Silvennoinen.

I think that these are truly wonderful for many reasons. One of being that they have not been published before this, at least to my knowledge. There is similar (but different) set of pictures of same time period at Mikkeli Airport history pages, but I cannot find link of that as the pages are currently offline. Also, there is not so many building pictures of classic sailplanes in internet, so these are rarities.

Pictures show building of PIK-5b (OH-PAV) and couple flying pictures of PIK-7 Harakka II (H-47 / n.5).  You can find new pictures of same planes at iwaru.fi/galleries.html

If you have further information of person / planes in pictures pls. contact us, tuootal (at) iwaru.fi, I will update captions accordingly.

Also, if you have more historical pictures of PIK-range of planes pls. send them to us, we will publish them.

Future Photo Galleries moving to modeldesigns.net

This is slightly complex stuff, but… originally all photo galleries in my main site (http://iwaru.fi/galleries.html) were create with Photoshop Elements, rel 10 or something using the online-publishing tool of Organizer. That tool was dropped in later versions of Photoshop, but I still have access of that feature as I have several versions of that application.

Everything was working flawlessly until some time ago I received automated message from Google Analytics saying that there is an indexing problem with my (almost all) galleries. And that Google is dropping indexing of those galleries. There seems to be some kind of problem with code Photoshop created for running those galleries and it seems to have broken indexing.

All in all it means that there is no point to create new galleries using old version of PSE. My solution is to create new galleries here in www.modeldesings.net as it is running wordpress which has good enough gallery functions. I should really move all galleries to here, but it would be so time consuming thing that there is no point of doing that. Yet.

Pls. note that the walkarounds / galleries do not show in main feed. They are accessible via top menu ‘Walkarouds/Galleries’ or category selection on left.

Some relaxed flying at Torbacka 16.9.2014

After work aerotowing. Great weather and hope to see still several nice evenings this fall.

IGG Finland Naarajärvi Aerotow event 13.-15.6.2014

Pics will tell everything..


PIK-15 Hinu flying again

After long, long winter some flying of PIK-15 Hinu.. I did several flights, but these were done by Hannu V. as I had to take photos.

More pics of PeeKoo’s PIK-18 Sytky!

That is really nice build!

IGGFin Räyskälä Aerotow

Visited IGG Finland Räyskälä Aerotow event. I was too tired due other arrangements & busy to take any planes with me, but still nice event. Weather was better than predicted.

Torbacka aerotow event day #2

End of extremely nice event. Really good field, excellent facilities, great food (although small servings..), good weather, good company. Great many thanks to Mikko-the-organizer!