Harakka III finalized

Got 145-Harakka III (1/3) just finalized. This beauty will be put to building queue, I just need more time.

This turned out rather nice. Tail is box-structure and the lines are much more elegant than previous Harakka’s.


(I really and I mean really should try to start learning wordpress, I simply cannot understand those gallery functions…)

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  1. Khaled Boulaziz

    I have a plan to build a replica of the Harakka III scale 1/1 for experiment. Could you please help in providing the coordinates of some companies that might do the cutting. I am rather on tight budget.

    Kind regards,
    Khaled Boulaziz

    • admin Post author


      I’m quite sorry that I cannot provide you pointers regarding building of 1:1 planes. I provide plans of model aeroplanes, designing and building 1:1 planes is totally another story. You can find local laser cutting services from your local area using yellow pages and similar services.



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