Spirit of Jämi-event

Again it is time to go to Jämi and visit Spirit of Jämi. It is an event organized by aeromodelling chapter of Finnish Aeronautical Association (FAA). This year the lineup was not so impressive as the event site (Hotel Jämi and surrounding businesses) filed for bankcrupty approx 1 month ago and my impression was that it scared quite many visitors. Last year event coverage was here.

Still the event was rather enjoyable. I had only couple hours to spend here Some control line excitement.. so got limited amount of pictures.

Hope that Hotel Jämi can start again and also I hope that next year’s event will bring more crowd. Jämi is nice place and it deserves some action!

Some control line excitement..

And some jets..

Visit to freeflight contest @ Räyskälä, 22.7.2017

Some pics below. Nice weather and really nice models. I seldom get to freeflight contests but this was worth the drive. Aeromodelling at it’s best.

ps : My wife spent some time paddling around beautiful lake Särkijärvi at the end of Räyskälä airport runway. You can check nice pics of that in her blog site, here.

Awesome model : Boeing Stearman by Ilkka Klemetti

This is an extremely nice model built (or actually rebuilt) from Marutaka kit with heavy modifications. For full (and long) story pls. see build log in RCGroups. Ilkka has gone great lengths to replicate all elements of original plane. Even all stickers and warning labels have been copied from pics of original plane and then put to this model. Attention to detail is impressive.

Plane flies really well and it is impressive, really slow flight speed. Really nice & awesome model.

Some detail pics.

Jämi Scale Open 5.-7.8.2016

And to the main event of Finnish summer scale scene. I would like to quote my wife who is just-a-bit picky when it comes to model aeroplane events : ‘this is really nice, there are so many nice models and somebody is flying all the time’. You really cannot say anything against that. And the weather was great too.

Yes, venue was Jämijärvi again, as last year event. This time the main runway was paved couple weeks prior to event. Also there was great taxi-area. Flying organized by itself quite well and there were zero crashes. There was some light showers but luckily they took place while we were eating/something. There was also some maidens with one junior maidening new plane with goal of participating competition within couple weeks. Impressive progress.

Below you will find couple pics showing atmosphere. I will add some special galleries to show some awesome models. It will take some time as I took close to 2.200 pics during event. Whew.

Note : Awesome models added, F4U Corsair by Jairaksi and Boeing Stearman by Ilkka Klemetti.

Kuivanto IGG Aerotow & Scale Soaring competition (ACRO) 2015 @ 14.-16.8.2015

Whew. What an weekend. All day flying & competition. Weather was splendid, just a bit windy during sunday evening. But, as always, company was great. Some pics of general flying below, for competiton pics check after first gallery.

And some pics related to competition

Jämi Scale Open 24.-26.7.2015

This must be the main event of Finnish Scale model scene this summer. Luckily weather was co-operating after rather rainy and windy season. Everything went smoothly and some amazing models were present. I think that all participating models were great, but still I think that some specific models need separate articles so check out following also:

This was ‘just-fly-and-meet-friends’-event and it is re-starting this type events here. Next year’s event has already been reserved so mark this slot to your calendar and come to see great models by yourself.

Some pics of event.


Awesome model : Junkers Ju-88 @ Jämi Scale Open 25.7.2015

Second awesome model which I saw at Jämi Scale Open is extremely nice model by Ilkka Klemetti. It is an scale model of Junkers Ju 88 A-4 JK-267 which has detail to make you sigh.

Note that there is an buildlog of this plane, see here.



Awesome model : Gloster Gamecock GA-45 @ Jämi Scale Open 24.7.2015

Once in a while you get to see something which makes your jaw drop. This time it is model of Gloster Gamecock GA-45 by Finnish Scale Legend mr. Jukka Pikkusaari. I think that there is no need for any words. Just check out pics.

ps : It must be stressed that Jukka claims that this model has not yet been completed. Yeah, sure.



Glider open @ Torbacka 18.-19.4.2015

Another fine day flying at Torbacka. This time it was ‘Glider open weekend’ but propably due weather there were not so many gliders present. Weather was cloudy, little wind, +4c. No rain!! Great.

As normal company was great and there was even birthday party. Congratulations to Samu & great event and I have to admit that hot cafe was life-saver!

Yet more springtime flying @ Torbacka 11.4.2015

Nice weather, dry enough grass, sun is shining, planes flying great..