Adaridi AD3

Calling this plane military plane is rather overstatement, but still it is supposed to be classified as such. It was designed around 1924 by Boris Adaridi and it shares several similarities with Gluhareff S.22. See this for my blog posts regarding B. Adaridi & Gluhareff. Also wiki page.

As always, I have plenty more pics so if interested, pls. contact me. Also visit Finnish aviation museum where this plane is located.

HK-1 Keltiäinen OH-HKA

This is really wonderful small plane. It is the only Finnish-designed plane which has flown around the globe and it held world record of longest non-stop flight. Route was Madrid, Spain – Turku, Finland, 2844km, 17 hours and 1 minute. Three of these were built and operated between 1954 – 1978. It makes you wonder..


Finnish Aviation Museum

I visited Finnish Aviation museum to take photos of their collection of VL planes, ie. planes which have been manufactured by Finnish state aviation factory. I really like this museum and I strongly advise everyone to go there and check their collections. Well worth visit. And nowadays it is really easy to get there due new railway line. It is approx 2 mins from Helsinki-Vantaa airport via taxi or railway. approx 30mins from Helsinki.

I will be posting walkarounds of planes with tag Finnish Aviation Museum. See right pane.