Heinonen HK-1 Keltiäinen Peanut Scale

Heinone HK-1 Keltiäinen is one of those planes which touch heart of almost all middle aged aviation enthusiast in Finland. This was an single-seater, hobby-built plane. It was designed by Mr. Juhani Heinonen and built by himself. Despite some sources saying that only one was built, there is actually two other examples built. But the builders of those planes made a number of modifications to plane and used type name HK-1B.

Original plane is quite cute and it looks like it popped out of some 50’s comic. It has extremely easy design which is easily transformed into model aeroplane. This example has been drawn into Peanut scale.

As an kit this is actually old. I originally draw this year ago, but the model got swamped by other activities. Now it is ready for publication and available at good model shops.

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