Eklund TE-1 @ Ilmailumuseo

Here is an nifty and nice small waterplane. It was originally built as ambifious plane but due weight considerations wheels were removed. For further info see here.

Gluhareff S-22 in France

There is an really nice Gluhareff S-22 -project at Retroplane.net . This has been really worth following, as the build is really impressive, title pic lifted from thread. Also, I noted that there is flight video of S-22 (and Airspeed Tern) at slope. This is actually S-22 returning to it’s roots as originally S-22 completed only slope flights. So this is quite something. For more reading of S-22 see here and here. I have to admit that I had never dreamed seeing S-22 in slope and I am rather pleased to see how well it seems to cope with brutal seawind. Really nice and smooth!

Build in France is really apropriate anyway as S-22 was co-designed with Boris Adaridi who emigrated to Paris, France.


Original S-22 preparing for slope flights.


Kessel 12A 13 @ Ilmailumuseo

Here are couple old pics of Kessel 12A (id 13) which was waiting for it’s restoration. Plane completed restoration and is currently hanging from ceiling of main hall. For short article of plane see here.