PIK-15 Hinu OH-YHB in it’s previous paint scheme. Pictures taken @ Nummela airfield 21.5.2011.


Pictures taken 5.7.2012 @ Oripää airfield.


PIK-15 OH-YHE, pictures taken at Oripää airfield 5.7.2015.


PIK-15 Hinu OH-YHD, pictures taken 5.7.2012 @ Teisko airfield.


PIK-15 OH-YHB in new paint scheme

Pics taken @ Nummela airport, 9.6.2013.

PIK-15 OH-YHK ‘Hinu’

Pics of PIK-15 OH-YHK, taken 4.7.2015 2 Naarajärvi airfield.

PIK-15 OH-YHS ‘SuperHinu’

Here are pics of PIK-15 OH-YHS aka. ‘SuperHinu’. I do not know where this ‘Super’ addition to normal ‘Hinu’ is originating. But still nice looking plane. Pics taken at Oripää vintage gliding event 21.5.2013.

PIK-15 ‘Hinu’ OH-YHD New paint scheme

PIK-15 ‘Hinu’ OH-YHD with new paint scheme. Old paint scheme can be found at http://iwaru.fi/galleries.html. These pics from summer 2014 @ Teisko airport.




PIK-15 Hinu flying again

After long, long winter some flying of PIK-15 Hinu.. I did several flights, but these were done by Hannu V. as I had to take photos.

Couple pics of new version of Hinu 1.5m cowling mould

This is actually old news, but I just wanted to share you pics of advanced mould for 1.5m Hinu (kit nr. 117) cowling. Original mould was too high and it caused all kinds of problems while vacuforming parts. Mainly webbing at the bottom of mould. Success ratio was approx 1 good for 20 tries. So I had to make an better mould.

Second try split mould into 3 parts. Front, top and bottom. All these must be vacuformed separately. There is nothing new in the actual mould making process, it’s just a bit more complicated. I assembled all wooden parts into one block which was sanded to shape and then dismantled. Then over-runs were added and mould was ready. I was making some vac parts couple weeks ago, these pics are from that run. Now success ratio is approx 1 fails for 10 goods. Nice, really nice!