VL Viima II peanut short kit

New kit has been released ot VL Viima II. This is an 1935’s biplane, used for Finnish airforce training. Structure’s are simple, but the small scale and number of parts makes it rather complicated to build. Design is based on original factory plans so this is rather good Peanut scale adaptation of original. For further info of original plane see this
(photo by Ilmailuliitto / Suomen Ilmailumuseo, used with permission)

This is short kit, meaning it includes laser cut balsa wood parts. No hardware or strip wood included. Model can be purchased from excellent

Visited Sprit of Jämi -event

Nice event, large crowd, nice planes great weather. Some pics 🙂

Gluhareff S-22 in France

There is an really nice Gluhareff S-22 -project at Retroplane.net . This has been really worth following, as the build is really impressive, title pic lifted from thread. Also, I noted that there is flight video of S-22 (and Airspeed Tern) at slope. This is actually S-22 returning to it’s roots as originally S-22 completed only slope flights. So this is quite something. For more reading of S-22 see here and here. I have to admit that I had never dreamed seeing S-22 in slope and I am rather pleased to see how well it seems to cope with brutal seawind. Really nice and smooth!

Build in France is really apropriate anyway as S-22 was co-designed with Boris Adaridi who emigrated to Paris, France.


Original S-22 preparing for slope flights.


New PIK-7 Harakka II get’s maidened

Another PIK-7 Harakka II got it’s maiden some time ago. For rather nice video see below.

This marks really interesting milestone as normally large scale gliders are being aerotowed up or flown at slope. This is the first time I have seen successful winch launch and it is slightly hair raising. But then again, originally Harakka’s were bungee launched from slope or car-towed. So this video presents Harakka returning to it’s origins.

Here is nice vintage video of one of original Harakka’s being auto-towed. You must fast-forward to approx 2:00.

New prices in place

Due increased cost of pretty much everything I was forced to increase prices for all short kits. This is the first time in company history we have done it.


IGG Kuivanto Aerotow & IGG ACRO Finnish CUP 2017

I did manage to visit briefly Kuivanto Aerotow event. Weather was rainy & field was damp. Or flooded. But still company was great.

Pics do not make justice for this event, but it was raining almost all time.

Awesome model : Boeing Stearman by Ilkka Klemetti

This is an extremely nice model built (or actually rebuilt) from Marutaka kit with heavy modifications. For full (and long) story pls. see build log in RCGroups. Ilkka has gone great lengths to replicate all elements of original plane. Even all stickers and warning labels have been copied from pics of original plane and then put to this model. Attention to detail is impressive.

Plane flies really well and it is impressive, really slow flight speed. Really nice & awesome model.

Some detail pics.

Awesome model : F4U Corsair 1/4 by Jairaksi

I think that this model defines whole idea of awesome model. It is an impressive sight and you can feel it’s presence. Yep, it has Moki 250 which really allows you feel the sound of it’s motor. It’s an really crowd pleaser in flight as it flies in real scale manner. It looks like it has escaped from 1940’s war movie. Really awesome model. There is an long build thread in (finnish) at lennokit.net. (pls. note, you have to register to see pics and it is really in finnish).

Jämi Scale Open 5.-7.8.2016

And to the main event of Finnish summer scale scene. I would like to quote my wife who is just-a-bit picky when it comes to model aeroplane events : ‘this is really nice, there are so many nice models and somebody is flying all the time’. You really cannot say anything against that. And the weather was great too.

Yes, venue was Jämijärvi again, as last year event. This time the main runway was paved couple weeks prior to event. Also there was great taxi-area. Flying organized by itself quite well and there were zero crashes. There was some light showers but luckily they took place while we were eating/something. There was also some maidens with one junior maidening new plane with goal of participating competition within couple weeks. Impressive progress.

Below you will find couple pics showing atmosphere. I will add some special galleries to show some awesome models. It will take some time as I took close to 2.200 pics during event. Whew.

Note : Awesome models added, F4U Corsair by Jairaksi and Boeing Stearman by Ilkka Klemetti.

Great Vasama pics from Denmark!

Got these from Danish builder Joern. They show newly restored OY-BXU and Joern’s model of it. I have to say that they both look great!