Pics of full size VL Myrsky II -project

Visited Finnish Airforce Museum (Suomen Ilmavoimamuseo / Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo @Tikkakoski near Jyväskylä…) to see interim display of Aviation Museum Association (my own translation, I do not know the official translation) restoration / replication / rebuild-project of VL Myrsky II. Rebuild-project has been continuing for some time now and current state was up for display for summer break. For finnish language announcement of event see here.

Breathtaking project with craftsmanship out of this world.

I really know that this is so pic heavy post that it pushes everything else from first page, but… it is worth of it. See below. And visit museum!

Valmet Vihuri VH-18

This is plane which is somewhat … (I have to be honest now) ugly. It is plane which was designed right after WWII and I have often thought that this is an plane which would be result of some kind of committee work. Neverthless, it is an example of postwar aviation history of Finland. Interesting trivia would be that it has same wing as VL Pyörremyrsky.

Tthis example is rather nicely restored. It is located in The Aviation Museum of Central Finland (Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo). As always, Some pics below. I have really many pics but it is impractical to put them here. If interested in more pics, pls. contact me or, visit museum, it is really nice place and you support aviation history preservation.


VL Pyörremyrsky photo gallery

This is really an gem. VL Pyörremyrsky is rather unique plane from late WWII when everything was in short supply here in Finland. So to keep our Air Forces up and running it was decided to design an cost effective fighter  to similar flight characteristics as Messerschmitt Bf 109G. Using wood materials. Using Bf 109G motor & propeller.

War ended and only one example of this plane was built. Second prototype was also proposed but that was cancelled before production. Only existing plane has been preserved at Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo (Aviation Museum of Central Finland) in excellent condition. VL comes from Valtion lentokonetehdas (= State Aircraft Factory) and Pyörremyrsky is Hurricane.

These pictures were taken by anonymous, great many thanks to allowing us to publish them here.

I am currently designing an 1:6 model of this plane.

More info : Wiki-pages.