Blogging about Radio Controlled model designs. Some just for fun, some for more than fun. ‘Corporate’ pages at www.iwaru.fi where you can also buy some of these designs. And some of them are free to download.

Quite bit of content of this site includes picture galleries of historical Finnish aeroplanes.

My business is centered around Finnish aviation history. Namely PIK-series, Finnish military planes and some other Finnish designs. But occasionally I do also design-by-request-projects for persons who want to do something unique. If you want to propose some interesting project contact us.

Also, if you have designed something which is worth promoting in our pages pls. contact us. We publish designs from established designers under heading of ‘collaborations’.

Oh well. There is still some things, my more ‘professional’ website is located at www.tuootal.fi (or www.tuomasotala.fi). But they are in in Finnish..

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