IGG Kuivanto Aerotow & IGG ACRO Finnish CUP 2017

I did manage to visit briefly Kuivanto Aerotow event. Weather was rainy & field was damp. Or flooded. But still company was great.

Pics do not make justice for this event, but it was raining almost all time.

Kuivanto IGG Aerotow & Scale Soaring competition (ACRO) 2015 @ 14.-16.8.2015

Whew. What an weekend. All day flying & competition. Weather was splendid, just a bit windy during sunday evening. But, as always, company was great. Some pics of general flying below, for competiton pics check after first gallery.

And some pics related to competition

IGG Aerotow Kuivanto 8.-10.8.2014

We had an intense 3 days worth of aerotowing. Now including also first ever Finnish Aerobatic Scale Soaring competition (ACRO 2014). Great event!