Awesome model : SG-38 @ IGG Torbacka event

Once in a while you see something which deserves an separate entry into this blog. This time it is SG-38 which is owned by G.A. He is well known IGG colleague here. I have understood that this model was originally built by Estonian modeller and then sold to G.A., who then made some restoration, including new covering and rigging. This is truly awesome model and the pics below will tell everything. I have to admit that I got carried away with these pics, but…

IGG Torbacka, third day 3.5.2015

And then to second day of IGG Torbacka Aerotow-event. Due other arrangements I arrived late and did not manage to set up my Harakka. But still I managed to get some pics. Weather was mixed, not so windy as first day, but rain caused some headaches. Actually, there were constant threat of rain as rain was circling around us.

Also present was pea-soup cannon.

Official season start IGG Torbacka @ 1.5.2015

Oh well! Season has started. This was the first official IGG Finland gathering. Event took place at Torbacka. There were some challenges, like wind, wind chill and water. But company, food & spirit (not meaning things to drink) was great. I managed limited flying with Harakka II, one flight with plane creeping backwards most of flying time.

But still, this was rather enjoyable as most of folks met again since last summer. So it was nice to see familiar faces. Great, but I hope that we will get better weather next time.

Glider open @ Torbacka 18.-19.4.2015

Another fine day flying at Torbacka. This time it was ‘Glider open weekend’ but propably due weather there were not so many gliders present. Weather was cloudy, little wind, +4c. No rain!! Great.

As normal company was great and there was even birthday party. Congratulations to Samu & great event and I have to admit that hot cafe was life-saver!

Yet more springtime flying @ Torbacka 11.4.2015

Nice weather, dry enough grass, sun is shining, planes flying great..

Some springtime flying @Torbacka

Went to Torback with intention of maidening Nakki II, but weather was not permitting. Too much wind for such light plane. At least for maiden. There was some guy’s flying rather nice planes there, so I took some pics. Spring is really coming, it was sooo nice to get to field again after long winter. Grass and everything, life smiles 🙂

Some relaxed flying at Torbacka 16.9.2014

After work aerotowing. Great weather and hope to see still several nice evenings this fall.

Torbacka aerotow event day #2

End of extremely nice event. Really good field, excellent facilities, great food (although small servings..), good weather, good company. Great many thanks to Mikko-the-organizer!

Torbacka aerotow event day #1

Great weather, great company and great flying. Nuff said.