PIK-18 Sytky Peanut released to free download


just an quick note, I released Peanut version of PIK-18 Sytky into free download. Steer your browser to http://iwaru.fi/sytky-peanut.html







Flight video here, this plane has been built by Mr. Tapio Linkosalo :

Calculated new download stats

I spent happy hour calculating up-to-date download stats of main website (ie. www.iwaru.fi). They are located in FAQ-part of site and as the updating is done completely manually I have tried to avoid that task as long as possible. Revised stats are quite impressive, see pic in this post. Interesting thing is that total number of downloads is approaching 20.000 and I estimate it will be reached within 3-4 months.  Or something. Figure at the start of Dec 2014 is 18993 with average 400-500 downloads / month.

Another interesting thing is that all-time-favourite (1/4 PIK-7 Harakka II) is almost overtaken by David Smith’s 1/3 Cherokee II. Currently the figures are 2872 vs. 2732 in favor of Harakka. It is awesome that Cherokee will propably be on top within couple months. Kudos to David, impressive and nice plane.

download stats

download stats to start of Dec 2014