Future Photo Galleries moving to modeldesigns.net

This is slightly complex stuff, but… originally all photo galleries in my main site (http://iwaru.fi/galleries.html) were create with Photoshop Elements, rel 10 or something using the online-publishing tool of Organizer. That tool was dropped in later versions of Photoshop, but I still have access of that feature as I have several versions of that application.

Everything was working flawlessly until some time ago I received automated message from Google Analytics saying that there is an indexing problem with my (almost all) galleries. And that Google is dropping indexing of those galleries. There seems to be some kind of problem with code Photoshop created for running those galleries and it seems to have broken indexing.

All in all it means that there is no point to create new galleries using old version of PSE. My solution is to create new galleries here in www.modeldesings.net as it is running wordpress which has good enough gallery functions. I should really move all galleries to here, but it would be so time consuming thing that there is no point of doing that. Yet.

Pls. note that the walkarounds / galleries do not show in main feed. They are accessible via top menu ‘Walkarouds/Galleries’ or category selection on left.

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