New design, Nakki II

This is an new & improved design of my oldie plane. In 2007 I designed and built an wonderful small electric glider. It was blast to fly and my favourite small plane for some time. One interesting feature was (and is) wing construction. It is based in popular (here in Finland) Perussiipi ™ concept. Ie. there is pre-made styrofoam wing element which is just missing TE & LE spars and possibly torsion sheeting using paper/cardboard/balsa. Fast and economical as one element costs (if I remember correctly) approx eur 3.50.

Using cad and plenty splines etc. this is an modernized version of original.

Original build article can be found here :

Flight video here : and here

I am not certain whether I will make actual plane, this was interesting drawing excercise.


(edit 2015 : see build log here)