Time is passing and …


I have been busy cleaning my shop and doing some finetuning into 3m PIK-15 Hinu plans. Which are available for free download at www.iwaru.fi. I released updated version, but just to make clear – there is no need to re-print plans or anything. Changes done were needed for efficient lasercutting and parts delivery via mail. ie. parts nesting, layot, identification codes etc.

No changes done to actual plans nor no changes done to outlines of parts.

Also I have been doing final steps if Gluhareff S-22 plans before commencing cutting. Original plans were lacking parts nesting & grain alinging. They are boring tasks which I simply had no time to do in May. Now they are almost done.

All this goes to preparing rather large order of cutting. There will propably be 1-2 big Hinu’s, Gluhareff S-22, Vinka x 2-3 and quite possibly Sytky (PIK-18). Hopefully I will be able to do all tuning etc.

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