Hello everyone,

I get quite a lot of questions when (and if) there will be plan (or kit) of this-and-that-plane. Those are good questions as I do not seem to know that by myself. Meaning that I do have an queue in my mind, but it gets re-arranged all the time. Current assumption is following:

  1. Delivery of beta builders versions for 1/3 Harakka I, Harakka II, 1/6.6 Vinka L-70, 1/3 Hinu, Gluhareff and possibly Vasama.
  2. PIK-5 in large size (5m) and smaller size (3m~or something)
  3. PIK-18 Sytky in small size (1.2m)
  4. PIK-10 ‘motorbaby’ conversion kit for Lanuy 4m Grunau Baby
  5. Harakka III (which has to be drawn from ground up as there are no existing 3-views)
  6. Viri
  7. Valmet L-90 Redigo (or Aermacchi M-290)
  8. Super-sytky?
  9. Mini-sytky?

Order changes all the time. IF there are good proposals I am willing to change order or add new planes to queue.

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