Regarding PIK-16a Vasama

And that brings us to most interesting topic. My original intention was to make also PIK-16a Vasama as the only difference is fuselage and tail section. Wing is (almost) identical with only difference of sheeting. 16a has full width sheeting, 16c has ‘half’ sheeting with cap strips, so no design difference.

I started drafting 16a using only existing 3-view which I am aware and quickly noticed that it is most flawed. It’s canopy area is almost 100% different than the original’s canopy area. You can make comparision by yourself easily. Just compare Vasama-biography-book 3-view and Raunio’s PIK-book pictures. They are not from same plane. I did contact Vasama aviation club members last summer and the 3-view in Vasama-book is the only one they have found.

So unless I manage to find better 3-view this project is waiting. I could easily design something resembling 16a because it is really quite straightforward fuselage. BUT I would end up with something which is nice looking, but it is not 16a. Bad.

This is quite sad situation as PIK-16a is extremely nice looking plane with it’s v-tail and shorter nose (that is 0,2m shorter compared to 16c).

Anyone happen to have something to help me?

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