OH-BAY At the Mariehamn Airport, Åland

Couple years ago I was returning from an business trip with my colleagues and I got into Mariehamn Airport at Åland. To my surprise I noticed an strange glider hanging from roof. It looks like Grunau Baby, but in fact it is not. It has some similarities, but it is different.

Some elements of the story has been published in Feenix-magazine (1/2001), but short summary is that it is modified Grunau Baby, covered with paper (!). Builders were Hans Stenius & Rafael Bergfält. It was registered 12.2.1948 with id OH-HRH (note initials of builders). It was taken off duty 1954. Differences between Grunau Baby & OH-BAY are mainly at tail. The fuselage cross section and horizontal stabilizer are different. Restoration of plane was done by active aviation club of Åland (see here).

Note : these pictures are not really acceptable, but I did not have acceptable camera with me at the time. Next time I will be at Mariahamn airport… (or If You have good pics pls. contact me..)

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