Continuing 3d-printed Aerotow hook

That printed rather well, but still some refinements to design are needed. I added further flanges to servo posts to limit splitting of material due self-threading screws. After a while I realized also that the holes for screws need to be just right size to work well. Then one thing would be just avoiding self-threading and using machine screws, like M2.

Design evolution from prototype to more refined design. I have corrected some minor problems to design and final printing will be done when I have finalized pushrods etc. Current final desing looks like this:

Those screw holes on top of structure are to pin structure from above. This PLA-printed structure is a bit like wood. It will split only laterally, a bit like wood grains. So to limit splitting one could use vertical binding screws. Also, not visible in this picture, the holes through the bottom of part are not all the way through. This is due problem of printing start of first layer. If there are minute details (like holes) in part they are tricky to print because they do not adhere so well to printing table. This might be problem of Miniboy, or something else. One thing still, this is absolutely largest version of this part that can be printed in Miniboy.

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