Vasama stats

Oops, I forgot to add some vital statistics to Vasama case. Wingspan 5m, profile at root HQ30-12 and HQ30-10 at tip of panel 1. Second panel has HQ30-10 all the way. I had to use 2 panels per wing to retain scale appearance. If you look closely original 3-views you notice that there is an wedge at TE of wing. To make that kind of wing in Profili you need to use 2 panels. Actual building can be done in one go, ie the panels are just to allow Profili to keep up with wedge. Elevator is Naca 0009. In rudder I used quite interesting design. The root of rudder has Naca 0010 and tip has Naca 0012. So the relative thicknes increases to tip. This is due the fact that the rudder tapers aggressively. Logically thickness to rudder tapers also. And it looks too funny. So I increase relative thickness to decrease effect of tapering :).

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