About that header & logo?

Great! I just added nice graphic to the header of this blog. It is actually my company logo, I have been asked couple times what it represents. Ok. I am budding historian. When I was kid I really wanted to be make an living as being Indiana Jones. Time passed and when it was time to make desicions of universities etc. I did some research. I quickly noticed that all the guy’s who wanted to became Indiana Joneses ended up being college history teachers.

So I dropped that one quite quickly. But I still have an soft spot somewhere for history. When I started designing logo for my company (www.iwaru.fi or www.iwaru.com) I wanted it to reflect that. And I wanted something which I could easily structure web page in two languages. And some aviation flavour. Ok, with some googling I found an rather nice sumerian winged disk. After some tracing in cad it turned out acceptable logo.

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