Nothing happens?

Hi ya all.

It has been awhile since last post on this blog. I have to admit that I got slightly annoyed by constant bombardment of spammers to this blog site so I shut down all commenting, removed (hundreds) comments selling italian bags and shoes etc. The commercial side of this enterprise has continued with no problems.

We have introduced an number of new designs. Most interesting has to be PIK-26 Mini-Sytky range. The initial one was 33%-sized one which has wingspan of 1.74m. Quickly followed by 50% one with span of 2.60m and 17% one with span of 0.86m. As one clearly can see the original plane was rather small. It was designed by mr. Kai Mellen with first flight performed in 1996. So it is quite new! This particular plane has been built several dozen times in such far-away places like Argentina and in Europe in Germany, Italy etc. Obviously also in Finland where there is 4 planes in registry. The designs are currently in pre-announcement mode, that is the plans are available & orderable, but parts are still being tested and prices calculated for cutting. One thing worth noting with Mini-Sytky-range is that the design is based on original 1:1 plans. We have taken painstaking care to make only minor changes to design so the model aeroplanes are almost identical to original planes. With the exception of size. There is an design blog (in Finnish language) in

We have also added prices for several new Harakka’s in 33%-range as they are really ready for ordering. Also an new addition to our free plans section is an motor-pod specifically done for 33% Harakkka’s.

One thing which has caused quite a bit of work has been updating of galleries. They are crucial for building scale planes as these planes in general are quite rare and even more rare in global perspective. You can go to an Finnish airport and spot one, but you cannot probably find them elsewhere. I am quite proud to state that currently we have most broad and detailed photo gallery of PIK-range planes anywhere. It is an product of couple years of walking around museums & airports and digging into old barns and sheds. For space constraints I have compressed photos to smaller size, but if you are in need of hi-res pictures pls. contact us. We are happy to share pics of these classic planes.

Continuing to new models. Currently under wraps there are PIK-21 Super-Sytky (yet another sytky-design…) and Valmet L-90 Redigo. There is initial research for VL Myrsky II and we are still trying to locate usable set of PIK-5c plans.