New design project Valmet L-70 Vinka, scale 1:6.67, wingspan of 1.45m

This is exciting. I have been negoating with Patria Aviation and they kindly allowed me to make scale planes (+kits) of their range of military planes and even supported me with providing original factory drawings of L-70 Vinka, L-80 and L-90 Redigo. That last one was eventually re-branded as Aermacchi M-290 Redigo.

Great many thanks for Patria Aviation. I really appreciate the fact that they took effort on supporting us. This is so great. 

Also, my old pal HSK’s father was part of part of design team of L-70 Vinka so this has some personal meaning to me also.

This time my goal was to make extremely light parkflyer with 1:6.67 size ending with 1.45m size. I wanted to draw something which is as easy to build as PIK-16 Hinu, but lighter. The scale ratio is exactly same. Eventually this means that my next project L-90 will have same scale. But in L-90 I will make it quite much stronger allowing faster speeds.

Reasoning is simple, L-90 and L-70 share same canopy design and I am quite lazy. I will make one canopy mould and I will use it for both them. …. also same canopy was used in PIK-23 Muhinu…. interesting…

For Vinka (which btw means cold wind in Lappland) I used trusty old Clark Y for wing and again variety of Naca’s to tail. Current stage of project is :

  • fuselage is ready in devfus waiting to be 2d’d. I am quite happy with design and 3d-modelling in this project. I managed to iron all normal devfus kinks out and all stringers are nicely done. I even used devfus capabilities to draw canopy frames.
  • Wing + foils are ready
  • Elevator + everything associated is also ready

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