PIK-7 Harakka II H-50 Muna/Egg

Pics of PIK-7 Harakka II H-50 at Karhula Aviation Museum. This is an aerodynamical fairing for Harakka II.



Valmet Vihuri VH-18

This is plane which is somewhat … (I have to be honest now) ugly. It is plane which was designed right after WWII and I have often thought that this is an plane which would be result of some kind of committee work. Neverthless, it is an example of postwar aviation history of Finland. Interesting trivia would be that it has same wing as VL Pyörremyrsky.

Tthis example is rather nicely restored. It is located in The Aviation Museum of Central Finland (Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo). As always, Some pics below. I have really many pics but it is impractical to put them here. If interested in more pics, pls. contact me or, visit museum, it is really nice place and you support aviation history preservation.


Fibera KK-1 UHU OH-LKF

Pics of Fibera KK-1 UHU OH-LKF. Taken at 12.7.2011 at Karhula Aviation Museum.

Adaridi AD3

Calling this plane military plane is rather overstatement, but still it is supposed to be classified as such. It was designed around 1924 by Boris Adaridi and it shares several similarities with Gluhareff S.22. See this for my blog posts regarding B. Adaridi & Gluhareff. Also wiki page.

As always, I have plenty more pics so if interested, pls. contact me. Also visit Finnish aviation museum where this plane is located.

PIK-20E OH-607

And continuing with incredibly clean looking planes, here is an variation of classic PIK-20. It is motor powered version of it making designation PIK-20E. Nice plane and flies really well.

PIK-21 Super-Sytky OH-XTM

Here is incredibly good looking part of PIK-series planes. It is PIK-21 Super-Sytky which has zero similarities in appearance to it’s older cousin PIK-18 Sytky. Incidentally, I have started, and not finished plan of this plane. It has some challenging elements from modelling & kitting perspective. Mainly those ‘cheeks’. They should be vac-formed, but making vac molds of that size is….

Rather nice plane anyway, really clean forms. (yeah – it was raining when these pics were taken..)

PIK-18 Sytky OH-XTI

Here are pictures of plane which one might confuse of being an model. No it is not. It is real plane which I have had priviledge to turn into model. I have designed small electric version of plane along with Peanut version. Check this out for all articles of this plane.

These pics by Tatu Köykkä & Kari Ojala.


OH-BAY At the Mariehamn Airport, Åland

Couple years ago I was returning from an business trip with my colleagues and I got into Mariehamn Airport at Åland. To my surprise I noticed an strange glider hanging from roof. It looks like Grunau Baby, but in fact it is not. It has some similarities, but it is different.

Some elements of the story has been published in Feenix-magazine (1/2001), but short summary is that it is modified Grunau Baby, covered with paper (!). Builders were Hans Stenius & Rafael Bergfält. It was registered 12.2.1948 with id OH-HRH (note initials of builders). It was taken off duty 1954. Differences between Grunau Baby & OH-BAY are mainly at tail. The fuselage cross section and horizontal stabilizer are different. Restoration of plane was done by active aviation club of Åland (see here).

Note : these pictures are not really acceptable, but I did not have acceptable camera with me at the time. Next time I will be at Mariahamn airport… (or If You have good pics pls. contact me..)

PIK-7 Harakka II H-45

This is just wonderful example of PIK-7 Harakka II. It is located at Tampere airport (see here) and it is hanging at the ceiling of main waiting area. So if you are scheduling an visit to Tampere check this out. Plane in question is H-45 which has been operated by several clubs. It was built in late 40’s so it is incredibly nice condition when you take her age into account.

PIK-7 Harakka II H-57

Pictures of PIK-7 Harakka II H-57. This is the plane my model is based on.

Taken at Karhula Aviation Museum 2011.