An new project finalized & ready for building : PIK-16c Vasama

I completed couple days ago an new designproject which has been long overdue. It is one of most beautiful Finnish sailplanes, PIK-16c Vasama. Only sailplane which has been mentioned being more beautiful is it’s predecessor, PIK-16a.

16c was quite complicated design. It looks rather simple, but in fact it is tremendously challenging. It’s way of connecting wings to fuselage is structurally quite difficult and it caused a lot of head-scratching. But I guess that I have found way to simplify it and now it is buildable. You can find that design in But do not expect to see it finalized anytime soon. I am buried in build projects. It’s estimated time of build is approx 2013 spring. If everything works out nicely. Unless somebody is brave enough to volunteer for beta building.

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